Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 -- Deliverance is Coming

Some are concerned that time is running out. Legend would have it that we are nearing the day of the world’s demise, December 21, 2012. It would seem, regardless of one’s view on the Mayan prediction instigated by a calendar that abruptly ends on this now ominous day, that 2012 is noteworthy year. 

Many in Christendom are filled with expectation for the Lord to show His glory this year in a manner never before experienced in the Church. Some have experienced a foreshadowing of this greater glory, but the fullness is still yet to come.

Many delays, distractions, and destructive forces have been at work in previous years, especially in 2011. Some have been betrayed, trampled, attacked, forsaken, and walked all over by a number of injustices. We strain to see beyond into this new season with hope gently rising forth from its deep seeded burial place. It is like the crocus that peaks its stem above the ground as spring approaches, looking around to see if winter truly has abated. 

It feels unusual to have this hope, as if it ought to have died after such an arid dry season, and yet instead we find it had hibernated and grown strong during our adversity to now rise stronger than we thought possible. This is not yet the experience of everyone in 2012, for some are still struggling with 2011. Just the same, despite what things feel like and look like, a new season has dawned. What would have been a delay last year, will be a deliberate positioning this year. The nature of what is going on has changed even when we feel the effects and fear of more of the same.  It is not the same.

The Lord is doing a new thing, and it starts with us and in us.  When we find that we are stable despite the shaking going on around us, we will find that we have come out into the new season even when it hasn’t manifested into our circumstances yet.  We haven’t much longer to wait. Where the tension is mounting, the Lord is preparing a launching point for victory.  For each this will feel and look different, but at the same time it is the same thing happening in many lives and organizations across the spectrum. 

Everywhere one looks one should see or hear of things changing. Right now it is like things are all aligning from a variety of different points – all transitioning to come to a head. For those following the Lord this is going to be a great deliverance. It is not a far off as it may feel. It is just around the corner. We only have to hold on a little while longer, if we are holding on to Jesus. If we are holding on to something else, that something else will have to be shaken first, because God is not going to harm you by this deliverance, but bring you into the fullness of authority, power, and victory that this season holds for you. If there is still a shaking, rejoice for the Lord will make it all for your good.

For those who are not in Christ, this shaking will look different. It will be different. Things are still coming to a head for those not in Christ – this is happening the world over. This is why this year is so crucial – it is not just a Church thing, it is a world thing. The whole world is shifting into a new season. The old ways cannot remain. Things are going to change. People will be reaping what they have sown and some have not sown well and they will see the fruit of that – so that they will come to repentance.  This shift is good even when it does not look favorable.

2012 is different. There is no going back. There is only going forward. This is a year of advancing into the next season of the journey. Do not despair. The Lord is near and He is drawing nearer. He is our steadfast anchor, our only hope. The bounty of our seed well sown comes from Jesus. It cannot come from any other source and do us any good. This is why we cannot make it happen, we cannot circumnavigate His process. We have to be obedient and steadfast and He will bring His promises about. For first and foremost He is the promise. We have to realize it is all about Jesus. Our only mandate is to do what He is doing and nothing more, and nothing less. He, and He alone, is our deliverance.