Sunday, September 27, 2009

Book Review: Heroes by Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson challenges historical and contemporary assumptions regarding those hailed heroes in his scholarly work entitled "Heroes." Heroes is the third in a series that commenced with the book Intellectuals. Next Johnson published Creators and presently Heroes.

Paul Johnson is a renowned British historian who writes on a vast array of subjects and historical periods with full eloquence of style. In Heroes, he examines the lives of many people from both genders and from a variety of cultures and walks of life.

His book commences with exploration of Biblical Heroes such as Samson, and King David. He writes of the royals, namely Henry V and Elizabeth I. He also writes of the great conquerors Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. Moreover he writes of the great American heroes such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee.

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CyberKitten said...

I've just read a book on a similar subject which you might find interesting. I'll be posting a review of it in the next few hours.

The choice of Elizabeth I is an interesting one. I can understand it in a way, in that she was instrumental in the development of the British Empire, but I bet she's not much of a hero to the Catholic population of England who have any historical knowledge!

Karla said...

I agree regarding Elizabeth, however, the intriguing thing is the author is a devout Catholic. Not sure his reasoning on that one, but he covered Napoleon too. I'm not sure he saw all the people he wrote about as heroes personally. Not sure though. I enjoyed his book Intellectuals and his book Creators better than this one.