Monday, March 29, 2010

My Fairytale Story

The whole of my life is poised in such a way that if God were not real, my life would be a great mystery. My husband and I have been on a course since before we even married of doing what we see God doing and saying what we hear God saying.

Our lives are fully invested in His reality. If He was not, and there was no such reality, our lives would be very strange indeed. For we have dreams that come true. We have direction from Him that are coming to pass with greater fruition and favor than we could even imagine.

We planted a church some time ago with one motto: hear God and do what He is doing. Over the course of two years or more we have had multiple dreams that have already begun to come to fruition (some more fully than others), we have seen incredible miracles of healing, we have had people join us without any effort on our part. People we had in mind to invite would call out of the blue after years of not seeing the people at the very time that was precisely right.

We turned down an incredible opportunity afforded to us when we were just beginning because we felt God wanted to build this His way. His favor has been evident. Notwithstanding, there have been struggles and lots of hard work, but every time we have something major happen, it happened with no effort of our own.

The prophetic words spoken about our ministry are numerous and even though they come from a variety of people and a variety of ways they are all harmonious to the purpose God has given to this ministry.

A pastor from a foreign country even contacted us after people in his small home church had a vision of our church and wanted to connect with what we are doing here in the States. Our website, was the first that presented itself when they were trying to locate the church they dreamed about even though the website we had at the time was 100 pages down in a google search if you typed in all the right words. Today, over a year later, the small home church is now a network of over 60 churches covering three African countries. My husband visited the pastor and his church last summer and spoke to a group of pastors for several days that had assembled from the 60 churches. These people experienced over 30 miracles during a Sunday morning meeting praying for each other as they were taught.

Even in the traveling arrangements my husband had extreme favor. He was set to travel alone into a foreign land he has never been to when just weeks before he met man who was traveling that very week. The man had already chartered a plane that would land less than an hour away from my husband’s destination. Before meeting him, he would have had a day’s journey by truck to the church. Now his time with the pastors was increased and the traveling made much easier. Moreover, the contact provided my husband with a mobile phone where he could contact me daily whereas before it was likely I would not hear from him except possibly by e-mail for several days.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the amazing things that have happened in a way that shows God’s hand in our lives. I know people could just say it’s all coincidence, but the excessive level of coincidences I have seen in the last couple years would be miraculous just the same. As I said, if God isn’t real and we are not hearing Him, I live a very strange life indeed. It would be something of a fairytale, albeit a true one, if I wrote a book telling the story detail by detail of the last few years of my life. All I can say is it is exciting to follow God.

Click here to view video from my husband's Africa Trip

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