Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Internal Hearing of God's Voice

Hearing is not only a matter of receiving physical sound waves that our brains interpret as meaningful communication. You can silently read, forming each word in your mind, as if audibly received and yet there is no sound.  Similarly when God speaks to us in our spirit it is a receiving of knowledge, wisdom, or understanding that is heard from within.  It is still a hearing that is happening, but one that circumvents our physical ears. 

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boomSLANG said...

Is this particular post meant to assuage any doubt that the already-convinced may have when they "hear" things from "within"? Or is it to convince those who aren't convinced? If it's the latter - and I get the impression that it is - my question is, why should I, a nonbeliever, be convinced of what you're telling me, based purely on your telling me? Why shouldn't I believe Tom Cruise when he tells me that Scientology changed his life? Why shouldn't I believe the two Mormon Elders who come to my door? What sets your assertions apart from theirs? This isn't to be combative or pull someone's chain--I really want to know.

Karla said...

This was actually written to believers. I just thought others may find it interesting so I linked it over.