Monday, May 14, 2012

The World Doesn't End?

And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark the sacred times, an the days, and years, . .” Genesis 1:14

Doomsday predictions overturned? While I do not ascribe to astrological predictions, even those of ancient civilizations, I did take notice of the 2012 Mayan predictions. I did not do so because of them, but because I felt 2012 marked a significant new season for the world. I saw 2012 as the beginning of a new age and 2013 even more so. It seemed appropriate that a people group dedicated to times and seasons would also make note of a seasonal change, a change of one era to the next.

Most of the time historians do not recognize eras until after they have come and gone. Then terms are ascribed to them such as The Middle Ages, or The Enlightenment era. But with 2012, we have a preformed concept that the world has entered something altogether different, even though we have yet to have the benefit of history to validate the foresight.

Now, the latest news has it that archaeologists  have uncovered a previously hidden Mayan calendar that calculates dates as far out as 3500A.D. I had already felt that the Mayan prediction was for the world to take notice, and now to find new data after the world is already deeply engaged in this mystery is extremely timely. Now we see, from the Mayans' themselves, doomsday was not their prediction, but a something so new they gave clear demarcation of it.

It is too soon to know, but I wonder if there is anything on this newly discovered ancient calendar to indicate a difference between the calendar that ended at 2012 and this one that continues beyond. If they truly were specialist in times and season, I would not be surprised, and yet amazed, to find that there are distinctions between the calendars.

We are in a new age. Many things are changing. Many things are coming into what they have long been built into. Meaning, things that were built on a solid foundation will begin to excel like never before and the things that were built in corruption will begin to be obviously corrupted either by crumbling or by persisting in visible corruption. It won't be life as usual.  

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Slynt said...

Hi! Your blog is almost impossible to read due to the background and font colors.

Karla said...

Really? It must come up differently for you. I see a white background with black writing for each post. Is it the exterior border colors that cause the problem?

Anonymous said...

Here's some basic proof taken from the context of the bible, coupled with an understanding of numerology that'll explain this whole end of the world thing. First off the predicted end date for this year is 12/21/12. There are 2 12's here along with a 21 which being in the middle could also represent the reflection of the # 12. Taken from that context, there are 3 12's. Half of 12 is 6. Split all 12's in half and you get 6 6's. Or equally divided 666 and 666. See any religiously significant #'s yet? 3: trinity, 666: # of the beast, and lastly 12: the 12 tribes of Israel from which 12,000 will be taken. Now, why are there 2 666's? In the book of revelation, on which the rapture is drawn on, there are two beasts from hell that arise. Leviathan from the Sea, and a Dragon. Hence 2 666. Before I make my next point, I would like to note that this year's end date falls on a Friday. If Sunday is seen as the Sabbath or day of rest, that makes Friday the 5th day of creation, on which day God created all the "Beasts of the Sea (Leviathan) and Creatures of the Sky (Dragon's included). Next, I would like to point out that December 21-23 are possible dates for the winter solstice, which are heavily prominent in satanism, seen as being the day on which Satan is the strongest. Back to the numerology, 12 is divisible by 6 numbers; 1,2,3,4,6 and 12. Each of these #'s are prominent to doomsday: 1 day of reckoning (or if you're into illuminati things, 1 all seeing eye), 2 demonic beasts, 3 for the Trinity, 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, 6 being the # of the beast, and 12 being the 12 tribes of Israel. There are plenty of more points I could make with this, but to me these are the most relevant in explaining how near we are to the end times.