Monday, May 5, 2008

The Gravity of Reality

Truth is what is despite one's belief or acceptance of its validity. To illustrate this point, let us look at the law of gravity. Everything on earth is subject to the law of gravity. If I take a ball and throw it into the air it will fall to the ground (unless something else stops its trajectory). I can disbelieve in the law of gravity all I want to and it won't change a thing. The reality of the law of gravity will continue on unabated by my disbelief. The same is true of anything that is reality. Most would agree on the law of gravity and that it applies to all cultures and all times regardless of ones understanding or acceptance of the fact. However, the same people would disagree that spiritual truth can be the same for all cultures and all times. Somehow we have no issue with relegating spirituality to personal preference, cultures, or opinions. We certainly don't want anyone claiming to have the Truth in a manner that is outside of ones personal opinion or preference. Its taboo to make a spiritual truth claim for all people in all cultures and all times. Notwithstanding, the majority of spiritual worldviews are mutually exclusive. Truth by its very nature is exclusive of all that is not true. Just the same, it grates on the conscience of our culture to accept one worldview as all encompassing. However, like gravity the worldview that is Truth was not created by man anymore than the law of gravity was a man made invention. Gravity was not dreamed up by man and then made a universal law of physics. No, it was always there and at one point was discovered by man and explained by man. What goes up always came down before the discovery of the law of gravity the same as after the discovery. The same is true with reality. The truth of reality is what is no matter who believes it or accepts it as such. It goes on being true irrespective of what man thinks about it because it is true and no amount of disbelief can change that fact.

We must be lovers of truth. We must seek out that truth and discover to know it. A person wouldn't get by in this world very well if they disbelieved in gravity and simply walked off a ledge, cliff, or building at a whim like they were the Roadrunner or Coyote. Likewise, a person cannot get along well in life living in contradiction to reality. Albert Einstein said he didn't believe in universal morality, but he had to live as if he did to get by in life. His beliefs and actions did not add up for reality continued to be real despite what he wanted to believe. We can continue to say that our worldview (beliefs about life) are culturally or personally relative, but if we take an honest look at how we live and how life works we must acknowledge that our beliefs don't line up with reality. We must not live lives in constant conflict of the contradiction between our philosophy and the reality in which we live. We must not invent our belief system. We must discover what is truly is. The Roadrunner might be able to run off a cliff and survive the sudden realization of gravity unscathed, but this suspended reality doesn't work in real life. Ones worldview must be philosophically sound as well as practically livable in a real world.

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Aaron said...

Nice Writing.

Yes, every culture has unaware relationship with gravity.

Gravity is only a Theory. We all experience the same effect, but even our best scientist will state (when cornered) that they know NOTHING about gravity and their equations do not completly work, or at all. They have approximations and ideas of how this works. But all of us are confused.

The particle lab at CERN has all but given up on finding a Gravition. I think it does not exist. This would change all of those temporal laws that we place so much energy in.

Spiritual Gravity is a phenomona that I have observed. It has historical writings and some scientist are starting to look at spirituallity. I truly think people orbit(relate) each other.

I don't think spirtual gravity is a cultural system. Culture may add variances in the results, but I think there is a stable system for spiritual energy.

I have redefined Spiritual Energy into two classes. Memes Matter and Memes Energy. Memes are basically information that an electron reads from the memes to write on the particle. A quantum computer.

You are right, In order for Memes to be a universal theory it must cross all cultures and particles, including;complex organic neural networks and dirt...We need to define Spiritual (Memes) forces and receptors.

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Aaron Guerami
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