Tuesday, May 6, 2008

World of Truth

Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is even important to learn? Why do we spend twenty plus years in school learning? Why do we spend thousands of dollars on a college education? Is it all just to land the best job? Or could it be to better our understanding of the world around us and how best to take our place in that world? Yet for many it is both and for some it may be neither. I would wager that most believe that what they are learning is true and factual and deserving of their time and money in acquiring an education. That would be a fair assumption if learning is truly valued by students. Here is where the difficulty comes. Many professors advocate that Truth and Facts do not exist. That it is impossible for something to be absolutely true. Never mind that the statement is then itself false, we are still asked to accept this philosophy. However the statement begs the question of why value education at all if we really cannot discover facts and truths? Why become a professor and teach when you have no truth to share? The word professor comes from the Latin word meaning “one who professes truth.” How then can a professor with such a belief system actually live up the meaning of the title he or she carries?

Stop and think for a minute of a world where no one believes in a standard of truth and where no facts can be purported. This world would have to be absent of a system of justice, of laws, of courts, of law enforcement for there would be no law to enforce if nothing is true and no evidence to convict if no facts exist. The passions of mankind would be free from any bonds of truth standards and all behaviors would be equally acceptable. The horrors of such a society would be unimaginable to us who take the existence of truth for granted. The person who advocates such a belief would not be able to live in the world that belief would create if carried out to its end.

So I ask, are we truly prepared to accept a philosophy of no truth? Have we really counted the cost? If you value education it follows to value truth and facts or else you are wasting your time.

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