Thursday, July 3, 2008

Science Has Become as God

Science has essentially taken the place of God in the western world. Culture esteems scientific knowledge as concrete, verifiable, and the ultimate method to truth. If one cannot prove a thing scientifically it is, most likely, untrue by default. People quickly forget the consistent fluctuation of scientific knowledge. One thing may be certain scientific knowledge for a generation only to be discarded and replaced by the newest scientific technology of the next generation. Science can only be as good as the human doing the experiments and theorizing, however, we act like it has surpassed human fallibility and entered the realm of consistent proof.

People appeal to science to dismiss the notion of the existence of God. Evolution, they claim, is responsible for everything in life. It’s the cause of the existence of complex matter, of even more complex life, of intricately configured genes and DNA. It’s responsible for our mental capacity, our feelings, our desires, our ability to love and to hate, to do good and to do evil. It has been given carte blanca to be responsible for anything science can’t explain, for everyone knows to attribute these things to anything supernatural would be extremely unscientific and barbaric.

Christians are blamed for relegating the unexplained to God and squelching scientific exploration. The truth is that the majority of great scientific contributions were brought forth by scientists who were devout Christians such as Blaise Pascal, Renee Descartes, Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton, Lord Kelvin, and Francis Collins, to name a few. However, today it seems that secularist are relegating the unexplained to evolution and denying any possibility that there could be a supernatural explanation.

It would appear that science has been given too much credit and scientists too much power. Science ought to be an exploration into the world God created and not an endeavor to oust God from the equation in attempts to find naturalistic proofs at all costs.

If you start with the presupposition that there can be no Designer you will be blinded to any design before you. Likewise if there is first believed to be no supernatural world, scientist are limited to only naturalistic explanations and true knowledge is lost by this limitation.

If anyone dare put forth a theory of design they are forthwith regarded as an old fashioned Bible believer and their science is not taken seriously as science, because it is presumed to be faulty, simply because of the worldview which it suggest.

Science is inadequate to provide answers to the origin of life or the questions about purpose and spirituality. Science can only study the natural world around us and fails when it comes to the metaphysical world. Just because science cannot prove a metaphysical world (a spiritual world) does not mean it does not exist. It just means that science is limited to the natural. We make a grave error when we take a process of knowledge intended for exploration into the natural world and extrapolate it to deny the existence of a world it cannot explore. You cannot prove God through the scientific method. However, there are other ways to learn about Him. Science isn’t the end all measuring of reality as many have been led to believe.

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