Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why I Am A Christian

Thus far, I have written posts mostly about the philosophical and historical reasons for the authenticity of Christianity. In this post, I want to bring it down to a personal level and address the topic of why I believe in Jesus. It is written that Jesus once asked his disciples “who do you say that I am?” They responded that, “some say you’re a prophet, others say you are . . .” He stopped them. “No,” he insisted, “who do you say that I am?”

I can point to the Bible and tell you what the Bible records of Jesus. I can point to history and show what history says about Jesus. I can point to the Church throughout history as to who is this Jesus. I can also illuminate philosophy as to why He must be. However, all that fades in comparison in my personal life as to who I know Him to be from first hand experience. Why is all this Christianity so important to me? Why do I spend hours writing about His Truth? Why have I devoted my life to Him?

I was raised in a Christian home and all that that entailed. But there came a time that I had to choose for myself--where I examined what I was taught about Jesus and my faith in Him and found it to be not merely a product of my upbringing, but a reality in my individual life. I found that I knew Jesus and that I wanted a life with Him.

When I entered college I encountered challenge after challenge against what I believed. I had a Muslim professor bent on mocking my faith and even proclaiming it his goal to convert me to Islam. I had professors who did not believe in truth at all and were constantly attacking my stance on the validity of the Christian worldview. I had other professors who accepted a multiplicity of truths as long as none of them proclaimed to be the Truth. Still another who forbid me to write anything from a Christian perspective in her class. I met students who were wiccans or atheists and many who did not have any ideas about what they believed as long as it wasn’t Christianity. Here in this antagonistic environment my faith increased. I studied constantly into these matters in search of answers to all these worldview questions being levied at me day in and day out. I found there were good reasonable answers in abundance and I began to learn more and more about why Christianity is the only worldview that lines up with reality in the greatest of measurements.

While my intellectual understanding and firm resolve to share the answers with anyone who wanted them grew in those college years, there is more to my story.

In the last few years I have experienced God in ways I had never before encountered. I have found a new depth to my life in Christ that transcends the strong private faith in my heart and the intellectual foundation of truth in my head. I have begun to experience and learn about the supernatural aspect of the Christian life. I have experienced compassion for people like never before, miraculous physical healing, the tangible presence of God upon and in me, healing of others through my prayers, sharing that tangible presence with another by a slight touch, and having people I’ve never met share with me things that God is telling them that has been apparent intimate knowledge only God could have known.

My husband and I are learning to live life by hearing from God and doing what He tells and shows us to do. God is showing up every step of the way and we follow His lead with His help. It’s been an amazing journey and it is just the beginning.

I know God is real and that I have relationship with Him through Jesus as sure and certain as I am that I breathe air everyday. It’s not a delusion or a fantasy. It’s not a matter of believing real hard that it’s true. It is about knowing that He is real. It’s trust in that knowledge that equals faith. My faith is strong because my knowledge is sure, not because it is in lack and needs faith to boost it.

Who do I say that He is? He is my Lord and Savior, my God, and Eternal Life. The giver of the most wonderful relationship man can ever have--the relationship that is real life now and forevermore.


Mandy said...

I think the proof is that peace you feel inside. It's also what you do with it. Thanks for sharing.

Karla said...

My experience though, while real, cannot be proof for one who hasn't experienced Jesus. They need to see external proof through my life being lived supernaturally and by reasonable answers to their questions and the presentation of evidence for our claims.

nina said...

What supernatural things do you mean?

Karla said...

Physical miraculous healings. I have seen an arm grow an inch and a half in seconds. I have had a nasty sinus infection disappear completely upon receiving prayer. I'm talking serious upper respiratory and sinus congestion which had me miserable for over a week preceding the miracle. I wrote a post on it on this blog. I've seen a myriad of other healing miracles take place before my eyes. I've also felt a tangible presence of the Lord upon me and released it to another to experience as well on more than one occasion. My husband semi-frequently has dreams that come true. Some of which we are living out right now. I have had people I have never met give me a "prophetic word" from God detailing information they could not possibly know apart from Him giving them the revelation on many many occasions.

These are some of the things I mean by supernatural.