Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just For Fun

My cousin has tagged me to share six (6) unspectacular quirks of mine. So I'll take a breather from my philosophical musings to share a little lighthearted quirkiness.

1) My fascination with the color purple borders on quirkiness. Not the movie, but the actual color whether it be violet, plum or just plain purple I have loved the color since I was a child. I don't wear it as much these days, but I used to be drawn like a magnet to any rack of clothing that contained a purple article of attire. I often had a purple purse, a purple neckless, purple on my shoes, and purple in my hair with a purple blouse or skirt. There was this house in the neighborhood over from mine growing up that was painted lilac with plum shutters. I was curious as to who lived there and if I would end up with such a house one day. I have expanded my clothing colors in recent years and only those who know me well giggle when someone new ask me my favorite color. For most anyone who knows me knows the answer.

2) Secondly, I'm Trekkie or sorts. I don't dress up and attend Star Trek conventions. But I do enjoy the shows and movies and still have hundreds of Star Trek novels boxed away with collector cards and other collector items. I grew up on watching Kirk and Spock and the original series remains my favorite. I'm admittedly looking forward to the new movie being directed by J.J. Abrams.

3) I've developed a new quirk which I think has rubbed off on me from my husband. I have to have my books match. If a publisher puts out a new book and it doesn't match the previous book of that author, it bothers me. I like to have them all the same. There are books right now that I want that are only available in hard back and that simply will not do. I have two or three paper backs that preceded the newly released hardback in the series and I just cannot bring myself to buy a book that doesn't match the others. Thus, I wait in hope for a matching paperback. Now if I had all hardbacks, it would need to be a matching hardback. The same goes for DVD sets. If I am buying each season of a show and the last season comes out in a a new fangled case that is designed to save money and now doesn't match the rest of the seasons' boxes, it's bothersome.

4) I'm a planner. I seldom like spontaneity. I like things to be planned out way in advance. Once I was given a project in my high school Spanish class with no due date. I asked my teacher repeatedly for a due date. She said she was giving the class ample time and would announce a due date later in the semester. I finished the project immediately. The due date ended up being months later. I just can't wait until near deadline. I have to do my task upon it being given to me. The difficult thing is to resist expecting others to hold themselves to the same quirky habit. Is there a word that is the opposite of procrastination? If there is that would describe me.

5) I'm obsessed with the beach. I love to walk along the boardwalk. I love to lay out on the sand and listen to the waves crash upon the shore and watch the pelican dive into the ocean for their food. I love beach vacations and shells and beach houses. I have always dreamed of riding a horse down the beach along the ocean surf. The odd thing is I seldom get to enjoy this beach pleasure. I think that makes me yearn for the beach all the more.

6) As my blog readers have probably come to know, I like to think about thinking. I'm not sure if this is quirky, but it's probably pretty geeky. I like to look for what is behind a persons way of living and philosophy of life. I like to ponder deep theological and philosophical questions. I enjoy a good question as much as seeking out answers to the questions of life. I love to read, research, and write. I miss essay and research paper assignments from my college days. I want to learn why some ways of thinking work and some ways don't. I like to follow a train of thought out to its logical conclusion and then compare that with reality. I like to think about logic and reason and knowing and being and believing and not believing. I like to think about thinking. I like to think about worldviews instead of just with my worldview. I want to pull apart my worldview and examine it's foundations and inner workings and contrast that with other worldviews and other foundations and ways of thinking. I want to take the allegorical clock apart and see what makes it tick and how it comes to tell time, and question whether it is telling the correct time.

Okay that's my six quirks.

Here are the rules was following. I think I am going to keep the tag open ended and let readers take the ball and run with it if they want to since I don't know a lot of bloggers to tag at this point.

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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Vicki G. said...

These are great Karla!! I think we have a lot of similarities. It must be an oldest child thing. You can click on the people's names that I tagged on my post to see what the others wrote. Have a great day!

Jamey said...

Thanks for stopping by...
I love the Beach too, we live about 45 min. away, so in the summer we go every week. well I have to admit I am a star wars fan myself, but my hubby is more of the trekkie(next generation). Hope to see you visit again.

Bluebethley said...

Hello, Karla. I too had a hard time tagging, but I did answer the questions for Vicki. My favorite color is blue (though purple is a close second), to the point where nearly all my clothes are blue AND all my husband's shirts are blue. This little game has shown me that no matter how alike we may seem, we all have our quirks, some quite endearing.