Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Experiences with God

My husband and I spent Wednesday evening through the wee hours of Sunday morning approximately 14 hours each day serving on a ministry team at a local conference. We encountered such love emanating off nearly every person we met especially the leaders of the conference. We saw people wholeheartedly devoted to loving people as the love of God overflowed from them. They were so full of the love of God it was breathtakingly beautiful to see.

The presence of the Lord was tangibly thick in the room. Some couldn’t stand up under it. Others laughed and cried with joy as the Holy Spirit lavished the loving presence of God upon us.

I heard testimony after testimony of people being set free in their hearts being made whole by the love of God. I heard many testimonies of people being healed of various pains and ailments that they suffered with. I saw many so full of the Lord they appeared drunk like described in the book of Acts.

I too felt the strong presence of the Lord as did my husband. In fact, I experienced something I had never experienced before when one of the speakers at the conference prayed for us to receive a greater filling of the Spirit. She touched my hands as she passed me and they began to tingle and pulsate. I shook them and put them down at my side to see if maybe my circulation was impaired by having my hands raised. No matter what position I placed them they still tingled all over, not on the skin but within them. As I reflected on the Lord, the feeling increased and my hands were feeling heavy and pulsating and tingling even more. This continued the rest of the day Saturday and all day Sunday, Monday and continues even now. At times, it is almost imperceptible and then I will seek out the Lord in my heart and the original intensity of the feeling returns promptly. I had not felt it strongly today until I started writing this paragraph and the feeling has returned.

I hesitated to share this with you all for obvious reasons, but I feel the testimony needs to be shared even if you add it to your list of my lunacy. I still need to seek the Lord to find out what all this means and what He wants to show me through this. But I cannot deny the tangibility of knowing Him.

I did not have the opportunity to pray with anyone personally for healing at the conference. However, at church on Sunday I had an impression from God that there was one or more people who had a upper back/neck pain that needed healing. Upon asking if this were so, three people said it was. Two were completely healed of their pain and the third said it felt somewhat better, but not one hundred percent.

God is so incredibly awesome. His love is so sweet and good. I feel Him with me as I write and my hands continue to have this strange sensation running through them.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone start speaking in tongues?

Ali P said...

"God is so incredibly awesome. His love is so sweet and good. I feel Him with me as I write and my hands continue to have this strange sensation running through them."

Seek medical advice, I believe you may be a having a stroke.

Karla said...

Ali, lol, no stroke.

Karla said...

Anon, sure there was some of that. Why?